May 28, 2021 2 min read

Most commercial made products we use daily, including household cleaning products, foods (GMOs and highly processed food), and hair/skincare products, contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals, such as formaldehyde, parabens, and glyphosate are absorbed into our body and blood stream, which compounded on top of each other can produce negative health effects in the long run like cancer, hormonal issues, and adverse long term effects. 

          We need to make the conscious decision to learn about the products we use everyday. Also how-to decrease, if not eliminate in total, the use of some of these products in our daily routines and replace them with all-natural/organic products to feel better, healthier and live a better quality of life. 

          If you’re still using non-organic products, it’s time to reconsider.Brown Rose Essentials understands how challenging it may seem to change every part of your life overnight. Therefore, we encourage people to choose one segment of their lives, at a time. We can help you start with your skincare! In fact, the skin is the largest organ of our entire body, so we really should treat it with care. 

 Brown Rose Essentials provides organic, fragrance free (we use high quality essential oils only), paraben, and cruelty free products that are catered to help black women make more conscious decisions about the products they use in their daily self-care routines. We strive to set the highest standards and lead the way in providing nontoxic, safe, and highly effective natural skin care. The biggest benefit of using natural skin care is healthy, balanced skin. Organic products are not only good for the skin, they are good for the environment. We have a nice selection of natural products for you to choose from!

Invest in your health today and make the change to organic skincare products if you haven’t already done so.

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