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About B.R.E.

Welcome to Brown Rose Essentials (B.R.E.), Where nature meets skincare. We're dedicated to giving you exceptional quality and we focus on empowering and motivating melanated millennials to excel in their holistic journey and overall skin health!

Brown Rose Essentials, LLC was officially established on 01/21/2021 by a full-time entrepreneur & holistic lifestyle enthusiast, Bree Ross. Her passion for self-love & intentional self-care practices are poured into the products & services B.R.E. offers to her Brown Rose Buds.

We stand for education and we have the intention of being an influential platform where melanated millennials can learn about developing cleaner habits & living a more holistic lifestyle. We plan to continue to provide access to natural products that beautifully enhance the process, and simply create a space for others that honor our vision.

Bree encourages melanated millennials to use all natural ingredients to not only “pamper ourselves in divine luxuriousness but to intentionally practice the art of self-love through the act of self-care!”

We offer natural collections that represent a healthy lifestyle. Our products include facial oils, body oils, soaps, and whipped body butters. We will offer herbal tea blends, smoking & yoni steams in the near future.

Our passion and dedication steered us to create a brand that represents versatility and fearlessness. Based in beautiful Apopka, Florida, we hope to bring you more sun with our collections. We are looking forward to growing and expanding because we feel incorporating holistic products into your daily routine is simply an essential part of life. We look forward to serving customers from all over the world and are thrilled to be a part of your journey!

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Sincerely, Brown Rose Essentials, LLC , [ Bree Ross, CEO, Founder, ]
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